Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Vermont Rug Cleaning

For many families, pets are a vital part of the family. Just like other family members, we normally don’t get rid of them when they have “accidents.” And while pets can and do provide a variety of benefits within households, their “accidents” can also create challenges.

The service we provide will break down the urine elements in the textile and flush them out. Our team uses proprietary formulas designed to care for the needs of your specific rug.


Pet urine on carpet, rugs, or upholstery can do much more than cause unpleasant odor:

  • Urine is composed of water, excess proteins, hormones, inorganic salts, urea, uric acid and urochrome [a natural pigment]. The water part evaporates, leaving alkaline urine salts. These salts are hygroscopic [moisture loving] and attract atmospheric moisture, which causes odor to be released. These salts are not water-soluble. The protein that remains also attracts bacteria that feed on it. The bacteria cause odor.
  • Urine deposited on area rugs does not stay on the surface. It also penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the backing of the rug and the flooring material below. Often, without your knowledge, pets will urinate continually in the same general location, causing significant contamination and damage.
  • As urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple cleaning will not remove this odor. In fact, these urine crystals are frequently re-activated by moisture.
  • Urine can also cause permanent color damage, either from adding color by dying the rug fibers or removing color by releasing carpet dyes.

Our rug cleaning process is perfect for removal of pet odors caused by urine. We soak the rug in order to breakdown the urine salts that cause the odor. We then immerse the rug to remove all the contaminants. We Guarantee the removal of urine odor on most rugs (Please note we can not guarantee odor removal on rugs that have odors in its construction glue. Some examples include: Some broadlooms with primary and secondary backings holding the yarn pile with glue between the backings. Other rugs that fit this may include widely sold hand tufted rugs made in India and China.

Body Odors

The oils excreted from the pet’s body that accumulate in the areas where they spend most of their time cause these odors. We apply our product to these areas which are designed to break down the oils and neutralize the odor.

Our Superior Solution For Fine Textiles

Your oriental and area rugs are not just art treasures. They are also very valuable investments. That’s why we clean them with so much care and attention to detail.

Utilizing the basic elements of air and water, we customize the cleaning process for the needs of each individual rug. With patented tools and equipment designed specifically for the cleaning of oriental rugs, we provide a thorough and effective, yet gentle, cleaning process that is powerfully soft. Depending on the particular fibers, dyes, soils, and construction of the rug, we’ll draw from a wide range of different cleaning techniques.